About the Hans Sak Law Firm

The HANS SAK Law Firm was launched in September 1999 by its principal, Hans Prosper SAK, mainly in the field of the transactional practice.

The HANS SAK Law Firm focuses on the areas of business, criminal, individual and family law, in France, E.E.C., African and American countries. The HANS SAK Firm also offers a wide range of services in the corporate and in the transactional areas of the laws, including contract drafting, contracting settlements, interpretation, negotiation, entity formation and legal consulting.

The HANS SAK Law Firm provides its clients with efficient and affordable in-depth legal advice in order to help them for their creation of opportunities, all dedicated to respond to their needs, pleas, procedures and practicable path-ways in industries.

Competent knowledge of immigration, real estate and labour law is also provided to the clients of H.P.S Law Firm.

The H.P.S Law Firm insists to provide law services to its clients for the help of their transition from single beings to collective players included in the industry of the leaders whom rule and govern it.

The HANS SAK Law Firm always has a continual expansion and puts a stress in taking frequent outside legal advice and report.

H.P.S has the tenacity, the knowledge and the perseverance that it takes to build successful long-term and prosperous working relations and activities.


A native of Douala (Cameroon), HANS PROSPER SAK (H.P.S) obtained his P.H.D from the University of Paris XII Val-de-Marne in 1998.

Mr. HANS SAK is a transactional attorney at law licensed to practice in France, within the E.E.C and in Africa.

In 2003, he graduated from the University of Paris XII Val-de-Marne as a legal research fellow.

In 2004, he became a member of the Law Society (London).

From 2000 to 2004, he attended law courses in some of the French Universities.

After graduation from Law Schools, Mr. SAK worked as a Business Law Consultant for many Law Firms. Wherever he was he was primarily responsible for entity formation dedicated to small business queries.

After setting up a Law Firm in Paris, Mr. SAK studied English laws under the close direction of the Kings’ College Professors, as well as comparative law studies.

Under the direction of Michel Troper, he studied philosophical law and especially legal reasoning. That led him to write a thesis referring to “the general principles of law in the civil judge reasoning”. Since then Mr. SAK teaches and practices law in Paris and abroad.

He is still a member of the PARIS’s BAR, as an Attorney at Law.

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