Find in this section, the most frequently questions proposed in the law.

On fees and retainer

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Yes. The Firm does require a minimum amount to be deposited into the clients retainer account to begin work. In the event that the relationship is terminated the unused portion of the retainer is refundable.

The Firm does not work with selected clients on a contingency basis. This option is strictly based on the Firm’s discretion.

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Business Law :

Under which conditions can I become an authorised merchant in France ?

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Civil Law :

Under which conditions may I adopt a French child ? What are the current rules applying       from an international point of view ?

Do I  have to obtain a certified translation of all my papers before my installation in France ?

Do public servants in French public services speak English as a foreign language ?

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Property rights :

How do French property rules make you become an owner ?

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Movement of people and goods - traffic law :

Where and how can I obtain my French driving licence ?

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Immigration rights for foreigners  :

For a foreigner, is it possible to use the HANS SAK LAW OFFICE services to intervene at the airport (international zone), out of the airport (e.g : police station, public jails or any other place) during cross examination and all questioning phases in any police station or pleading  before any court ?

Yes, under certain conditions.

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Mandates and orders  :

The HANS SAK LAW FIRM bears in minds to his dearest clients that it has a natural madante regarding his profession, and that it may intervene on behalf of the ad litem mandate when some legal and ruled operations are at stake (judicial auctions, wills and property, transmissions, civil and commercial contracts, real estate negociations in France and abroad.

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